Handcrafted Organic Plant Based Offerings for Health & Wellness

About Us

Radicle Remedies was founded in 2018 based on a deep respect for history's plant based approaches to wellness, a drive to serve others in their wellbeing, and a career rooted in alternative healthcare. 

All of our remedies are made with the highest quality plant materials, whether grown in our private gardens from carefully selected seeds, by trusted local farmers, or sourced from other well vetted and reputable companies in the field.

We are committed to using organic and ethically harvested plant materials in all of our offerings. We value sustainability, conservation, and fair trade practices. As the climate continues to change and impact plant life, we keep a close eye on the United Plant Savers' list of at risk plants. We never use endangered plants and when using those at risk, we do so sparingly and in good conscience. 

Your safety is always our highest concern. Well over a decade of independent and formal study informs our work, along with much time spent testing and perfecting our proprietary formulas. We never sell any product that doesn't meet or exceed our highest safety standards. We do not test on animals. All of our products are tested on consenting and eager human volunteers.

We love working with essential oils, and we do so responsibly. We do not encourage ingesting them or using them topically without proper dilution. 

Made by hand with loving kindness. 

So you can feel good about feeling good!