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Lauren approaches the creation and testing of new products with a pinch of curiosity, a heaping spoonful of science, a cup of goodness borrowed from Mother Nature’s pantry and just the right flavor of caution.  She has the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit meaning she is perpetually curious with a thirst for knowledge.  I’ve watched her interest in herbalism grow through self-study and practice and witnessed her exhaustive search for an excellent program of formalized learning to deepen her knowledge and understanding.  I’ve had the pleasure of being one of her human guinea pigs and I can speak first-hand to her commitment to finding only the best, sustainable ingredients for her product offerings.

The Radicle Remedies Menstrual Belly Oil is my wife’s go to for cramps and I’m certain that a combination of the Elderberry Syrup and immunity boost of Echinacea Extract is what kept me healthy during a family vacation where every single member of my family was ill.  However, it’s the Sore Muscle Rub that travels everywhere with me.  After 2 back surgeries, multiple broken bones, and now osteoarthritis in my hands, I know a thing or 2 about pain.  Sore muscles and painful joints have been an ever present menace in my life for years.  However, this balm calms the hot embers in my joints, relieves my pain and keeps this active girl moving.  That little container is worth its weight in gold. 

~Lisa Wyse

I have had the pleasure of learning from Lauren and using her amazing products with my whole family. I love the flavors and the potency of her Elderberry Syrup and our whole family loved learning about plants and healing when we made teas and lotions and lip balm in her Kids Apothecary Workshop. Lauren has an attention to detail that I appreciate and I fully support her remedies! 

~Pleasance Silicki

As I drop in some Passionflower Extract to my morning water I can take a deep breath and know the rest of my day will be calm. To say that Radicle Remedies has helped me would be an understatement. It has changed my daily life completely. I first experienced the amazing results of using Lauren’s creations when I was diagnosed with PMDD. Looking for an alternative to prescription drugs, I looked to her for help. Her custom formulation of a Mother blend of essential oils helped me with pain on my joints as well as cramps. During flu season, our family lived off her Elderberry Syrup, which was amazing added in to sparkling water and I got no complaints from my 3 year old! But I have to say the life changing products for both my husband and I were her tinctures/extracts for anxiety. Having gone through a very stressful event, both of us found ourselves with severe anxiety, making it hard to sleep or even function normally day to day. We literally lived off her Oatstraw tincture! With her recommendation we tried a Passionflower tincture and a Valerian root tincture, both of which have now become daily use for me and a life saver for my husband. We just received a new bottle of Passionflower Extract from Radicle Remedies and it’s just what we expected in quality and results! We cannot wait to be able to purchase a Valerian Root Tincture as well! We are so happy to have a company like Radicle Remedies to provide us with safer, holistic alternatives that we feel good about using for the whole family. 

~Maria Sweeney

I am so grateful to have found Radicle Remedies Headache Roll On Oil. With a roll across my head, inside my wrists, and on the back of my neck, my sinus headaches disappear within 10 minutes and leave me headache free for the rest of the day!  No more reaching for the typical over the counter headache meds, which many times only dulled the pain, requiring me to take several doses throughout the day.  Radicle Remedies Headache Roll On Oil not only completely takes away the pain with one application but it allows me to get the results I need using a holistic, safe product.  

~ Kristyn Beeman

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